Yelir – fractal flame video

Last year I became interested in fractal art, and began learning a few pieces of rendering software. In brief, fractals are complex iterative math formulae which can be graphed to make some amazing abstract visuals. Initially I saw this as a way of making funky album art, but quickly realized that the real fun lies in animation. So after a learning curve and a lot of work, I’ve released this video for “Yelir” from the album “Distance.” Be sure to click the “HD/720P” widget, and enjoy.

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New album: Time

I’m happy to announce “Time,” my latest release of ambient drone music. This work consists of three long pieces assembled from an assortment of mangled and time-stretched acoustic guitars and synthesizers. Music for the very patient.

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Cloudform gig

Cloudform’s forst gig a few weeks ago was fantastic. We had a great location at the West Washington train depot and an awesome audience. Many thanks to all who came to the show, and especially to the good people of, who were excellent and welcoming hosts. Special shoutouts to Sunset Salamanders and Conscious Object, both of whom gave great performances as well.

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Cloudform performance

Cloudform has our first gig! As part of the Make Music Madison festival, the good folks at have invited us to play their stage at the old train depot on West Washington Avenue. Friday, June 21 at 7:30 pm. See you there!

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New album: Distance

I’ve just released my latest album, “Distance.” It contains the final versions of several videos presented on this blog, as well as some new pieces. Lots of deep atmospheres and driving sequencer rhythms.

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The Inner Ring

Run-through of a piece using the Evolver as a bass/drum machine with the Virus providing the droning feedback orchestra. A few mistakes, but I’m still refining the piece for final recording. Nothing fancy here; just a percussive sequence along with some live keyboard playing. The sequencer is slaved to MIDI clock from Ableton Live, and I’ve launched the sequence from the low C key since Live was already running (to record the take) but I didn’t want the sequence to come in until later. I’ll probably extend the “drone” section in the middle and modulate the sequence more for the final recording.

I’ve had the Virus for almost a year but I’m just now getting comfortable with it. It’s a challenge to program compared to other synths I’ve used, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

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yllom – DSI Evolver sequence

yllom from Peter Bajzek on Vimeo.

This is a sequence I composed last year when I first got my Evolver, but I’m just now getting around to working with it. In its final form, this section will emerge from a droning soundscape I’m creating, but which isn’t very interesting from a video standpoint as it’s more of mouse-edited sound collage.

I will likely post a review/analysis of the Evolver at some point, but for now a short description of the piece will suffice. I am using 2 lanes of the internal sequencer to trigger separate melodies on Oscillators 1 and 2. This is a way of “cheating” polyphony out the monosynth. All notes share the same envelopes, so there’s a limit to how complex the ideas can be, but in practice it works well. Combined with the internal delay the result is quite complex. Here the two sequences are running at different lengths- the initial melody has 10 steps and the second has eight. When the bassline (sequence 2) enters halfway through the piece there’s a nice 5-against-4 polyrhythm happening, until the first melody fades out, leaving only the bass and a slightly different character overall. Of course I’m tweaking the filter and noise settings throughout to mutate the tones.

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Cloudform released!

At long last I am pleased to announce that Cloudform’s debut EP is live. We may expand it later, but for now it’s a free download:

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more recording

Last weekend Cloudform put in a couple more intensive days of recording. We’ve begun mixing and editing and it’s exciting stuff- some really good takes. With luck in a few weeks we will make something available.

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Abut a year ago I sent my “Incantations” CD to, a fantastic ambient internet radio station. I just noticed that I’m on their list of artists, though I never got any word that they were playing my stuff. Ah well. I’m happy to be included. They play a lot of great and diverse music.

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